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Seeing The Potential In You

19 Feb

Seeing The Potential In You

Can you imagine how much we would miss if we only looked at the surface of things?

Take for instance a ball of yarn. To most people that’s all it is. But to a knitter it’s a scarf, a blanket, a new sweater etc.

Or how about a piece of wood? While we wouldn’t think of giving it a second glance a carpenter will come along and turn it into a beautiful table or even a bench.

To people like this the possibilities are endless!

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

When God looks at you he sees something great. We as mere humans tend to look at the surface of ourselves. We find fault with ourselves in so many different areas that we actually forget to look past those flaws to the potential waiting inside every one of us.

I like to use diamonds as an example. Before they get to be the beautiful stone we all see they really start out as nothing more than an ugly piece of rock. But someone will take it and polish and buff it and before you know it it’s a ring around someone’s finger or a necklace around their neck.

God looks past your surface to the diamond you are. He wants you to be everything He created you to be. He sees the potential in you, your value, and your worth that we fail to see in ourselves.

Next time you look in the mirror look at yourself the way I know God looks at you. Don’t see yourself as just a ball of yarn, a piece of wood or an unpolished diamond!

See your potential!